There are many other options available to businesses for managing their online reputation and/or their social networking sites and I personally believe that most of these options are just as good as the next one for the service's offered.

With all the options to choose from and all of them being fairly competitive, why do I think you should you choose RepGard?

Yes I am experienced. I have over 12 years in the computer, network and internet support world, but no matter how experienced somebody is, there's always somebody else who's been in the business longer.

Over 5 of those 12 years were spent directly supporting automotive dealership websites from all over the country. I was a single point of contact for many large dealer groups and handled everything from inventory issues to site maintenance and implementation. This still is not why you should choose RepGard.

Just because a person or company has the experience, it doesn't mean you'll be satisfied with the service they offer. Most of them loose site of what is important...the customer.

I learned early on to put myself in my customer's shoes to see how they feel when they have an issue. I take pride in my reputation to provide the best customer service possible and to resolve issues quickly and satisfactorily. I make every possible effort to answer all calls and emails, no matter what day or time, including weekends and after hours. Of course if I do miss your call, I will respond that day and normally within a few hours or less.

So what do I think RepGard offers that nobody else does? The best possible customer service experience anywhere. I will do everything I can to handle any problem or request as quickly and as accurately as possible. Yes, I know...everybody says it...but I can and will deliver it.

I really am glad you are considering RepGard for your Social Networking and Online Reputation Management and I look forward to serving you.


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