As a business owner or manager, you understand theNo matter how long your automotive dealerhsip has been in business, you need to protect your online reputation. value of networking. Getting your name around to as many people as possible is extremely important to your survival, in ANY business no matter what service you provide or what product you sell.
 Of course it would hurt you if your name was well known and associated with lots of negativity, so you do everything possible to make sure   your reputation as a business remains in tact, otherwise nobody would want to step foot in your shop, much less actually do business with you.
 Each year, more and more customers are researching products and services via the internet and determining what they want and who they want to buy it from. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask are typically the first places they look. Google is by far, the most used search engine around. Approximately 70% of all internet browsers use Google.
 Sites like and other complaint or blogging sites, allow consumers to voice complaints about businesses and will potentially be given preferential treatment by the search engines for ranking. This is due to the constant content updates via consumer posting. What does this mean? You could possibly find your website listed on Google, ranking behind various complaints against you. 
 Social Networking is key to a good online reputation

If your potential customer reads these negative posts about your business, the odds of them actually clicking on your site, is drastically reduced.
 A well managed social networking and blogging campaign can help prevent the consumer from ever seeing these  negative comments.
 By creating accounts for your business on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and various other blogging sites, you can take control of what the consumer sees.
  Research indicates that most consumers who do a search on Google, never or seldom go past the first page.  Normally, if somebody is writing negative blogs or posts about you on the internet, you can't remove or delete the undesirable posts, but it is possible to move them to the second or third page of the search engine. Since consumers seldom view these pages, the negativity will seldom, if ever, be seen.

 The idea is that if a consumer is researching your business name, all they see on the first page is your website, your Facebook page, your MySpace page, and your blogs. This is not an easy task nor is it very fast, but it is doable and very helpful in improving, maintaining or establishing your online reputation. You also need to monitor the net and try to catch negative comments about your business BEFORE they move up the listings in Google. It is easier to prevent them from showing up than it is to move them down the list.

 Of course you can do this your self if you have the time and knowledge, but as an owner or manager of a business, you probably want to sell your product or service instead of constantly monitoring the social media and blogging sites and keeping your own media sites updated. Just creating the sites and blogs is not enough. You need to keep them updated as often as possible and it can take 1 or more months to actually see your sites moving into positions on the first page.

 This is where RepGard can help. I can handle all of your Social Networking accounts and keep them updated for you. I can monitor all the major sites for any mention of your business name and report back to you what I find.

Even if you do not have a reputation issue, taking control of the visible content on Google is an invaluable service that your business can use to boost profits.

Take control of your online reputation

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